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Our Technology

Cerec same day crowns

Same Day Crowns with CEREC

We eliminate the need for traditional impression techniques and temporary crowns in order to successfully restore the appearance and function of your teeth. CEREC (chairside economic restoration of esthetic ceramics) uses the latest CAD/CAM technology to allow us to prepare a tooth and mill a restoration in the same day.


Once we scan your tooth, we send it to our CEREC software where it will be processed and transmitted to our milling chamber where your restoration will be created from a single piece of ceramic or porcelain. After milling, we glaze and color the restoration to match your natural teeth. The result is an extremely esthetic replacement tooth that is tough and long lasting.


The average treatment time from start to finish lasts about three hours, and you will walk out the door with your permanent dental crown.

Digital X-rays

We use digital x-ray sensors that are designed to focus on ease of use, diagnostic image quality and durability. They allow us to capture radiographs of teeth with minimal radiation exposure. The sensors allow for quick and comfortable radiography in minutes.

State-of-the-Art Hygiene Techniques

Our hygienists are trained to use the newest and best technology to provide you with a healthy intraoral environment. We have ultrasonic scalers and air polishing prophy jets which eliminate longer appointment times. This makes for more comfortable and efficient hygiene appointments.

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If you would like to schedule an appointment at Cayce Family Dentistry, call our office today at (803) 796-1734. We look forward to helping you and your family with all of your oral health needs.

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