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Natural-Looking Dentures

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When you need denture work, you’re naturally looking for options that are both comfortable and friendly to your budget. They’re a major investment in your oral health, so you want dentures that are sturdy and strong but are also easy to wear on a daily basis. Patients seeking affordable dentures turn to Cayce Family Dentistry. We provide a wide range of solutions that are ideal for both your mouth and your wallet.

Our team of care specialists will work to give you the best options for your teeth and your lifestyle. These include permanent dentures, which you’ll insert and use daily to restore both your smile and your ability to eat many kinds of foods. Besides creating your new prosthesis, we’ll also help you with care and maintenance, with instructions on cleaning as well as regular relines to keep them in optimal operating condition. Additionally, we repair existing prosthetics whenever they crack, chip or have other problems.

Dental Partials for a Full Smile

In some cases, you may not need a full set in order to bring back full functionality in your mouth. Occasionally we do recommend a partial to fill in gaps for missing teeth. This is a great restorative possibility for patients who still have most of their original teeth, and the results are truly amazing. At our office, we also offer this as an option, and our professionals can suggest the right product for your needs.

Serving Patients Throughout the Entire Midlands

Don’t suffer any longer from being unable to chew or smile! At Cayce Family Dentistry, we’re here to help with many possibilities to restore both looks and functionality. Call our dental office at 803-796-1734 for services in Columbia, West Columbia and Cayce.

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