Dental Exams & Cleaning

Dental Cleaning — Family Dentist in Cayce, SC
Taking care of your smile has never been easier with Cayce Family Dentistry. We offer complete preventative dental services to protect your oral health. From dental cleanings to x-rays, you and your family can count on our experienced staff for all of your dental needs. Protect your smile from common issues such as cavities, decay, and gingivitis with Cayce Family Dentistry.
  • Routine Cleaning
  • Through Exams
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • X-rays
  • Fillings


At Cayce Family Dentistry, we recommend having routine dental exams and cleaning every six months. During our check-ups we will x-ray your teeth to look for any dental issues. We will also clean your teeth with a fluoride treatment to protect your teeth and gums against plaque. While examining your teeth, we will check to see if fillings or other treatments may be needed to prevent further tooth damage and decay. We will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed every time you visit Cayce Family Dentistry.

At-Home Oral Care

Cayce Family Dentistry will also instruct you on the best way to care for your teeth and gums at home. We recommend regularly brushing and flossing your teeth daily, as well as using a mouth wash to eliminate germs and bacteria.

Trusted Oral Clinic

You can trust Cayce Family Dentistry to take excellent care of your oral health. Through routine exams, we will quickly detect any problems that may arise and prevent common problems such as gingivitis, cavities, and decay. Our professional team will thoroughly examine both your teeth and gums. We will perform x-rays if needed and may suggest other treatment options to maintain your oral health. Cayce Family Dentistry is dedicated to helping patients care for their smile.

Schedule a Dental Cleaning Today

Cayce Family Dentistry offers dental exams and cleanings for everyone in the family. To schedule a dental cleaning, call our office at (803) 796-1734. We look forward to providing you with affordable, quality dental care. Don't forget to ask us about our CareCredit and insurance options.