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Losing your teeth can alter your life in many ways. Besides your understandable cosmetic concerns, the missing teeth can also change your chewing and biting patterns as well as affect the proper alignment of your upper row and lower mandible. Thankfully, you don’t have to keep living with gaps in your tooth line. Dental bridges are one of the many services that Cayce Family Dentistry offers, and for the last 13 years we’ve served patients with a variety of oral restorative possibilities in Cayce.

Regain Confidence With Prosthesis Repair

From our menu of options, our dental care team will personally recommend a bridge for teeth that works as an optimal solution for you. Depending on your situation, we might suggest a permanent prosthesis. This is a fixed device bonded into place inside your mouth, providing the stability needed for longer-term use. Alternately, temporary installations are available, permitting removable convenience that allows you to take them out of your mouth and clean them regularly. Furthermore, if you already have a prosthesis, we specialize in dental bridge repair. So if your piece has chips, cracks or other problems, we can restore it in good working order for you.

Serving Columbia & Surrounding Areas

A new bridge can work wonders to restore your smile! Not only that, you’ll eliminate the gaps in your mouth and give yourself the benefit of proper chewing and biting as well as correct tooth alignment. So don’t delay getting the solutions you need any longer in Cayce, West Columbia and Columbia. We offer many kinds of oral hygiene and restoration services, including denture repair. Call our office today at 803-796-1734 for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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